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Prophesee dans le Soonicorn Club 2021


We are pleased to announce that Prophesee made the Soonicorn club 2021. The list, from Tracxn, features France’s most promising tech startups of 2021.

The Soonicorns (soon to be Unicorns) are the handful of highly valued startups which have successfully grown out of their nascency to attract valuations of over a few hundred million. The list features the start-ups to watch and are expected to become Unicorns in the next few years.

At Prophesee this momentum is a result of the evolution of our innovative event-based solutions and continued commercialization into key areas such as autonomous vehicles, robots, industrial automation, IoT systems, medical science, and others. We are grateful to have partnered with a number of investors and market leaders over the years such as SonyBosch Venture Capital, Xiaomi, iBionext, Sinovation, Intel Capital and more.


“We are excited for a future powered by event-based vision, and grateful to Tracxn for recognizing Prophesee’s progress and promising future,” said Luca Verre, CEO of Prophesee.


The French technology ecosystem continues to grow and diversify fast. We are very proud to be alongside great startups featured this year such as Ornikar, Qonto, Lydia, Heetch and many more. Congratulations to these game-changing companies as France heads toward its goal of 25 companies valued at a billion dollars or more.