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GrAI Matter Labs dévoile la technologie NeuronFlow et annonce le SDK GrAIFlow

SEPTEMBER 18, 2019

GrAI Matter Labs (aka GML), a neuromorphic computing pioneer today revealed NeuronFlow – a new programmable processor technology – and announced an early access program to its GrAIFlow software development kit.

GML’s NeuronFlow technology draws from neuromorphic and dataflow paradigms to uniquely solve core problems for real world AI applications. One of the breakthroughs of the technology is dynamic dataflow processing of real-time data, which drastically reduces application latency for autonomous navigation, cognitive voice & video assistants and smart healthcare applications.

NeuronFlow utilizes in-memory compute with a mesh of cores and local neuron/synapse memories, avoiding the memory bottleneck of traditional Von Neumann architectures. It is based on a fully digital design with packet-switched connectivity and sparsely connected event-based neural networks to allow scalable implementations across market segments.

GML’s GrAIFlow software development kit supports NeuronFlow and its future silicon implementations. It is capable of both conventional program execution and machine learning computation via industry-standard languages like TensorFlow, Python and C++. The kit includes code generator, simulator, mapper and compute and network APIs plus full runtime support. GrAIFlow is available for evaluation by selected customers and partners in Q4 2019.

The company’s CEO Ingolf Held said: “NeuronFlow enables edge AI applications including obstacle avoidance or human machine interaction with microseconds latency – two to three orders of magnitude faster than traditional architectures. With GrAIFlow we offer our customers the opportunity to explore new ultra-low latency use cases, thereby bringing their innovation to every device on the edge.”

About GrAI Matter Labs

GML’s mission is to bring low latency, low power programmable AI processors for sensor analytics and machine learning to every device on the edge. GrAI Matter Labs has offices in Paris / France, in Eindhoven / The Netherlands and in San Jose / Silicon Valley. It is led by a team of visionary and seasoned engineers, and is backed by leading investors including iBionext, 360 Capital Partners and 3T Finance. For more information, please visit

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