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GrAI Matter Labs, pionnier de l'informatique neuromorphique, lève 15 millions de dollars pour apporter l'IA à chaque appareil en périphérie

APRIL 11, 2018

GrAI Matter Labs, a pioneer of ultra-low power neuromorphic computing today announced it has closed its Series A financing round of $15 million. Inspired by the biology of the human brain, GrAI Matter Labs’ programmable application processors will bring AI with machine learning capabilities to every device on the edge. Led by iBionext, the consortium of investors participating in this round includes 360 Capital Partners and 3T Finance.

A New Paradigm in Computing

GrAI Matter Lab’s technology is based on breakthrough research carried out at the Vision Institute (UPMC) in Paris on the human brain during the past 20 years. Inspired by the biology of the human brain, the company’s unique neuromorphic computing paradigm overcomes the limitations of Von Neumann machines, offering massively parallel and fully programmable sensor analytics and machine learning at significantly reduced power consumption.

“Our neuromorphic approach to computing and machine learning achieved impressive results in hardware/software prototyping under DARPA grant to Brainiac project. The prototype showcased how a new compute paradigm could enable AI completely locally on an edge device without cloud computing support.” said Ryad Benosman, co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of GrAI Matter Labs.

AI to Every Device on the Edge

GrAI Matter Lab’s programmable application processors enable AI with machine learning capabilities across the Internet of Things. These processors will power autonomous navigation platforms, enabling cars, robots and drones to navigate our world with performance/power optimized AI for safety and convenience. Other focus areas include intelligent cognitive assistants to bring AI to smart homes and smart phones, and wearable AI for smart health monitoring, practically invisible at minimal power.

“GrAI Matter Labs is pushing the boundaries for silicon compute and machine learning architectures based on learnings from biology and the human brain. We are thrilled with the future prospects of GrAI Matter Labs and look forward to grow the company to become a major success.” said Bernard Gilly, Chairman of iBionext.

“We are super excited to bring AI to every device on the edge with our low-power neuromorphic compute platform. This Series A round of financing will help us to ramp our engineering teams in Eindhoven and Paris, and to move rapidly from technology development to market deployment” said Ingolf Held, CEO of GrAI Matter Labs.

About GrAI Matter Labs

GrAI Matter Labs (aka GML) was founded as Brainiac within the iBionext Start-up Studio in Paris by Ryad Benosman, Bernard Gilly, Bernabe Linares-Barranco, Giacomo Indiveri, Siohoi Leng and Atul Sinha during 2016, a team combining unparalleled experiences in neuromorphic computing, silicon design, and entrepreneurship.

GML has offices in Paris / France, in Eindhoven / The Netherlands and in Milpitas / Silicon Valley, is driven by a team of visionary and seasoned engineers, and is backed by leading investors including iBionext, 360 Capital Partners and 3T Finance. More information can be found at

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