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Jeux mobiles validés cliniquement


Dégénérescence Maculaire Liée à l’Age (DMLA) et maculopathies

Founded in 2016, Tilak Healthcare is developing a new form of digital medicine: medical mobile video games  for remotely monitoring the progress of patients with chronic diseases.

The team, made up of medical experts and video game specialists, aims to encourage compliance among patients requiring regular monitoring by offering playful applications combining video games and medical tests. The company’s first game – OdySight –enables patients suffering from chronic diseases affecting the macula (maculopathies) to carry out visual acuity tests at home. The results are instantly shared with their ophthalmologist, and in the event of a sudden drop in vision, an emergency appointment is scheduled. At a time when the number of ophthalmologists in France remains low, and appointments are sometimes difficult to book, OdySight represents a safe, practical, and innovative alternative.

The OdySight application was clinically  validated at the CHNO des Quinze-Vingts in 2018. The solution is now distributed in France and regularly used by over 350 doctors and more than 3,500 patients. Tilak Healthcare plans to deploy its OdySight solution in Europe and the United States.

Tilak Healthcare is now aiming to become a pioneer in the development of digital medicine and is exploring new applications linked to other visual impairments or neurological and psychiatric disorders. For further information, visit and