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Tilak Healthcare raises €2.5 million from iBionext Growth Fund


Paris, March 28th 2017 – Tilak Healthcare, a start-up from the iBionext network developing medical video games for both the diagnosis and follow-up of chronic diseases, today announced a funding of €2.5 million from iBionext Growth Fund.

The funds will help the company accelerate the development of its therapeutic mobile games, first targeting the ophthalmology field, with macular diseases. This alliance of digital innovation and clinical expertise is unique in the medical videogames world: it will allow Tilak Healthcare to offer screening and prevention solutions, thus leading to a better follow-up of many chronic diseases.

Edouard Gasser, CEO of Tilak Healthcare, was thrilled to comment: “At Tilak , we are proud to adapt the power of videogames and entertainment to healthcare, thanks to our very distinctive positioning in the digital health world. With the support of iBionext Growth Fund, we’ll make mobile gaming a great healthcare tool.”

Alexia Perouse, CEO of iBionext Growth Fund, stated: “We strongly believe in Tilak Healthcare’s potential. The complete recruitment of the team marks the acceleration of the deployment of Tilak’s platform towards doctors and patients, it shows positive signals for our investment. The alliance of videogames and medicine offers great potential to make Tilak Healthcare a leader in therapeutic mobile games.”

About Tilak Healthcare

 Cofounded with iBionext in May 2016, Tilak Healthcare is one of the youngest start-ups of the iBionext ecosystem. It is specialized in digital healthcare and is dedicated  to the development of medically-prescribed disruptive videogames for the monitoring and follow-up of patients suffering from chronic diseases.The company’s first application will target ophthalmology with macular diseases, which affect a large number of patients in the aging populations of developed countries. Tilak’s objective is to improve the management of these diseases and optimize the healthcare process.

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