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Tilak Announces CE Marking for Odysight, Its First Mobile Medical Game in Ophthalmology


Launching of the Beta-testing phase in France and in the United Kingdom

PARIS – Tilak, a company from the iBionext network developing mobile medical applications for the management of chronic diseases, announced that Odysight, its first mobile medical game dedicated to the monitoring of patients with chronic eye diseases, has achieved CE marking. CE marking triggers the Beta testing phase of Odysight with ophthalmologists in France, followed by the United Kingdom.

Odysight has innovative and distinctive features, unique in the world of mobile therapeutic gaming:

  • It was designed in-house by doctors and realized by video game professionals;
  • It is a puzzle game for smartphone and tablet;
  • It brings together all the elements of a modern mobile video game: an innovative artistic direction, simple game mechanics, a level of difficulty adapted to the patient
  • It monitors the evolution of visual parameters (near visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, presence and evolution of scotomas or metamorphosis) and triggers regular medical tests for the follow-up of patients with chronic eye diseases.

Odysight is available on the App Store and Google Play, only via medical prescription. The ophthalmologist can follow in real time or during the consultation the evolution of the patient’s visual parameters via an online dashboard. He is alerted if a change occurs.

« Obtaining the CE mark for Odysight is a key step in the company’s development. The mobile video game, a real medical monitoring tool, has become an integral part of the care pathway for patients, especially those suffering from chronic diseases which are growing rapidly in western countries » said Edouard Gasser, CEO of Tilak.

About Tilak
Co-founded with iBionext in May 2016, Tilak is a company of the iBionext ecosystem. It specializes in digital healthcare and is dedicated to the development of medically-prescribed disruptive mobile games for the monitoring and follow-up of patients suffering from chronic diseases. The company’s first game targets ophthalmology, particularly chronic diseases of the macula, which are the leading causes of treatable blindnesss for the elderly in developed countries. Tilak’s objective is to improve the management of these diseases and optimize the healthcare process.
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About iBionext
Created in September 2015, iBionext is a management company and a start-up studio dedicated to the development of innovative start-ups in healthcare. This initiative, launched by Bernard Gilly in 2012, aims to transform technological breakthrough ideas into leading innovative start-ups in the fields of HealthTech and related industrial applications. All these companies are grouped on a single site named the “Passage de l’Innovation” in Paris, France.
Since 2012, eight companies were created within the iBionext ecosystem – Pixium Vision (Euronext: PIX), GenSight Biologics (Euronext: SIGHT), Gecko Biomedical, ChronoCam, ChronoLife, BrainEver, Tilak Healthcare and Brainiac. iBionext and its companies have raised over 360 million euros in capital (of which € 90 million was raised by iBionext Growth Fund). Seven clinical trials are currently underway worldwide and 190 experienced professionals have joined these companies.
iBionext Growth Fund was created in 2016 to finance the growth of new companies selected within the iBionext network.
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