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Chronolife chooses Mulliez-Flory to manufacture their connected textiles on an industrial scale


Paris, December 17th, 2020 – Chronolife, a French artificial intelligence company specializing in digital health, announced today that they have chosen the Cholet-headquartered Mulliez-Flory textile family to provide 100% integrated solutions (creation, manufacturing, distribution, recycling) for the industrial manufacturing of their connected textiles.

The aim of this partnership is to set up an industrial production plan for Chronolife’s smart textile-based wearable health devices, designed to continuously collect multiple physiological data, necessary for the remote monitoring of patients suffering from chronic pathologies. The medical-grade product allows detection of health deterioration incidents by securely transmitting patient vitals in real time on a dedicated medical platform, which enables therapeutic management adapted to each patient.


Chronolife relies on the expertise of Mulliez Flory, a leading French mid-cap company specialized in the manufacturing of professional and health clothing, to integrate into their medical textiles the complex electronic components – sensors, electronic card, radio interface, battery and conductive textile threads – necessary for the collection of health data. At the end of the prototyping phase, Mulliez-Flory will start the industrialization of Chronofile’s first medical grade t-shirts thanks to a class IIa certification set to release in the beginning of 2021. Intended to be worn “daily” to optimize compliance, the connected T-shirts are machine washable with no damage or interference to the entire electronic parts.

“This agreement with Mulliez-Flory symbolizes a new stage in the development of Chronolife, in other words the industrialization of our offers following the milestone of our first commercial contracts with key players in the European health sector. We have great ambitions to meet the growing demand for remote patient monitoring; for example, around 35% of patients discharged from hospital after a Covid-19 episode suffer from pulmonary and cardiovascular complications that require long-term monitoring. Our multi-parameter solutions are designed for comfortable everyday usage, thus making it possible to continuously monitor their state of health in an environment that is familiar to them which is their home,” says Laurent Vandebrouck, CEO of Chronolife.


Thanks to a committed research and development policy, Mulliez-Flory has developed unprecedented know-how in the design of smart textiles in order to give products the monitoring and prevention characteristics that generate reliable and useful data for health professionals.

“Mastering our entire value chain enables us to develop new techniques for integrating electronic components into textile products. We are already developing other connected solutions in the Healthcare field and we are therefore highly motivated to work together with Chronolife on their unique remote patient monitoring solutions. We are very proud of this partnership between a rapidly growing start-up and a company with almost 200 years of existence that invests and innovates to remain at the forefront of particular market segments with high added value,” adds Jacques Gindre, Chairman of the Mulliez-Flory Group.

About Chronolife:

Chronolife is a company specializing in digital health, that develops different solutions for remote monitoring and prediction of the health status of a patient: Customizable Solution (CE(EU & FCC (US) approved); Medical Monitoring Solution, Keesense™ (CE Class IIa (EU) & FDA clearance ongoing (US)); Predictive Solution (CE Class IIb ongoing (EU)). Chronolife has developed a comfortable and washable connected garment that integrates multiple sensors to monitor physiological data continuously. Its “predictive solution” integrates the patented neuromorphic algorithm HOTS (Hierarchy Of event-based Time-Surfaces) to conduct data fusion. HOTS is being developed to continuously analyze several data flows to detect changes in a patient’s health and to trigger alerts to healthcare professionals to predict acute pathological episodes.

Chronolife was co-founded in 2015 by iBionext, a unique ecosystem and investment fund dedicated to the creation, development and financing of disruptive health tech start-ups, and majority shareholder of Chronolife since its creation.

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About the Mulliez Flory group:

The family-owned Group, established in Maine et Loire since 1824, has now 270 employees in France.

It advises, designs and manufactures professional clothing for the employees of major private and public accounts covering all markets. It also supplies textile equipment for local authorities and hospitals.

Mulliez-Flory controls its entire value chain. From consulting, design, integrating eco-design, marketing, prototyping, industrialization, manufacturing and logistics, the Group offers all French professionals the recycling of their end-of-life clothing as well as connected solutions to ensure the well-being and safety of employees.

Highly committed to sustainable development, the group has been CSR 26001 certified since 2018. This certification naturally leads to innovation and the development of more eco-responsible products: taking into account the product’s life cycle, better managing collections, using new technologies to make clothing a preventive tool…

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