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Chronolife and TMM Software form a strategic partnership to optimize at-home monitoring of patients with respiratory pathologies


Paris – Lyon, 20th of April 2021 – Chronolife, MedTech and service operator for the diagnosis and monitoring of chronic diseases, is partnering up with TMM Software, an expert in digital solutions that contribute to securing the care pathway, to offer healthcare professionals a continuous and multiparametric remote medical monitoring service for patients with chronic pathologies, especially respiratory.

Initiated within the framework of the ETAPES program, this partnership aims to answer the growing expectations of healthcare facilities and home hospitalization structures, in a under pressured sanitary context. It offers a complete medical platform, fully configurable and customizable, which combines KeesenseTM, Chronolife’s solution, with TMM Software’s apTelecare, remote medical monitoring platform, to process qualitative alerts in real time, leading to rapid and appropriate therapeutic decisions in the event of significant changes in patient’s health.

Chronolife deploys an offer adapted to the needs of healthcare professionals, either through its CE marked Class Ila medical device Keesense™ in the form of a connected, comfortable, and machine-washable t-shirt, allowing the continuous and simultaneous measurement of several physiological parameters (electrocardiogram, physical activity, thoracic and abdominal respiration, pulmonary impedance and temperature), or by developing a personalized and tailor-made solution for the collection and analysis of health data for the monitoring of specific pathologies by leveraging its patented sensor, electronic and algorithmic technologies in healthcare.

“We are delighted to collaborate with TMM Software, a recognized expert in the digitalization of the care pathway. The complementarity and combination of our two offers and very open technologies will allow us to optimize the at-home care of patients suffering from respiratory failure in a tense health context. Our goal is to reduce the impact of chronic pathologies on the healthcare system by promoting outpatient care while improving patients’ quality of life.” says Laurent Vandebrouck, Chief Executive Officer of Chronolife.

“With Chronolife’s high-performance medical devices combined with our apTelecare platform used by about 60 healthcare facilities, we have combined our expertise to offer a remote medical monitoring solution that will facilitate the work of healthcare professionals and improve the continuity of remote care for patients with chronic pathologies.” Sébastien Bourrat, TMM Software’s Sales Director.

Chronolife and TMM Software are starting this collaboration in France, before developing similar initiatives for several chronic pathologies internationally: for instance, with the Moroccan government where TMM Software is equipping the entire population for the monitoring of undesirable effects following the vaccination against the COVID.

About KeesenseTM

The Keesense t-shirt is a CE marked Class IIa connected medical device that integrates multiple sensors for the continuous and simultaneous measurement of several physiological parameters – electrocardiogram, physical activity, thoracic and abdominal respiration, pulmonary impedance, and skin temperature. It will integrate a patented neuromorphic algorithm HOTS (Hierarchy Of event-based Time-Surfaces) that allows for continuous data fusion and analysis to characterize and predict acute events related to chronic pathologies. Designed to be a “second skin”, Keesense frees patients from the constraints of traditional chronic disease monitoring (use of medical devices such as blood pressure monitors, thermometers, scales, and often unnecessary hospitalizations). Fully machine washable, Keesense promotes patient adherence to the remote monitoring solution.

About Chronolife

Chronolife designs and develops medical devices and personalized connected digital health solutions to optimize the prediction, diagnosis, and monitoring of chronic pathologies. Chronolife directly supplies medical and ambulatory healthcare institutions and collaborates with experts in the digitalization of the care pathway.

Founded in 2015 and based in Paris (France), Chronolife was co-founded by iBionext, a unique ecosystem and investment fund dedicated to the creation, development, and funding of innovative start-ups in the field of health technologies, and a majority shareholder of Chronolife since its creation.

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About TMM Software

TMM Software has been accompanying healthcare stakeholders and improving patient experience for over 11 years. As an innovation driver, TMM Software develops unique, innovative, secure, open, and collaborative software solutions.

TMM Software digitalizes the care pathway and is committed to helping healthcare institutions improve their patients’ experience. As an “innovation activator”, TMM Software improves its solutions by co-developing with business experts, and offers two main products:

  • apTeleCare is a solution for the remote monitoring and digitalization of the patient pathway (pre-admission, post-operative follow-up) which allows remote monitoring of patients suffering from all types of pathologies. The solution ensures a continuous exchange between the patient and the health professionals and improves care management quality.
  • MultiMed, a multimedia entertainment and medical information solution that can be used directly in healthcare institutions or in outpatient settings.

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