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Chronolife and Chugai Pharma France to develop a smart textile for the monitoring of joint pathologies


Paris, June 28 2021- Chronolife, MedTech and service operator for the diagnosis and
monitoring of chronic diseases, and the Chugai Pharma France laboratory announce a
collaboration to develop a smart textile that will assess the long-term joint health of
Initiated as part of the second season of the Digital Pharma Lab programme, the partnership between Chronolife and the Chugai Pharma France laboratory aims to develop a smart textile for “real-life” monitoring of the impact of chronic pathologies on patients’ articular health.
The purpose of this device is to enable remote assistance and diagnosis in order to promote the
“continuum of care” between the hospital, the ambulatory and a patient’s home. If successful, realtime processing of qualified alerts will enable rapid and appropriate therapeutic decisions to be
made in the event of significant variations in the state of patients’ joint health, with the aim to
significantly improve their quality of life.
“We are very proud to support Chugai Pharma France in this ambitious project. It is a recognition of
Chronolife’s expertise in the design and development of innovative connected medical devices,
applicable to specific use cases. This project is a continuation of our Keesense™ solution, a
multiparametric connected t-shirt, certified CE Class Ila, that provides remote monitoring for patients
with chronic cardiac, respiratory pathologies or Covid patients.”, says Laurent Vandebrouck, CEO of

“It is with great enthusiasm and humility that we start this innovative project with Chronolife. With
enthusiasm as we hope to be able to provide an innovative and concrete solution aiming at improving
the follow-up and joint health of patients. With humility because this is an exploratory and
experimental initiative and we cannot at this stage predict the results. Transforming an innovative
idea into a concrete solution will be an exciting journey and perfectly reflects the pioneering spirit
that drives us at Chugai Pharma France.” says Nicolas Henriot, President of Chugai Pharma France.

About Chronolife: 

Chronolife designs and develops medical devices and customized digital connected health solutions
to optimize diagnosis, monitoring and prediction of chronic pathologies. Chronolife directly supplies
medical and ambulatory healthcare institutions, and partners with experts in the digitalization of the
healthcare pathway, in France and internationally. Founded in 2015 and based in Paris (France), with
a presence in San Diego (USA), Chronolife was co-founded by iBionext, a unique ecosystem and
investment fund dedicated to the creation, development and financing of innovative start-ups in the
field of health technologies, and majority shareholder of Chronolife since its creation.

For more information: Chronolife – Medtech Company

About Chugai : 

Founded in 1925 in Tokyo, Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is one of Japan’s leading biotechnology
drug development and production laboratories.
Mission and Innovation
Chugai’s slogan is ” Innovation all for the patients”. Its mission is to develop innovative drugs in areas where the medical needs of patients and the scientific community are still insufficiently covered.
Since its creation, Chugai’s image has been strongly linked to innovation. With a significant percentage of its annual turnover invested in research and development, Chugai possesses a rich portfolio of high value-added molecules.
For more information: Accueil :: Chugai Pharma France

Contacts :

Soizic Fleury, Marketing Director Chronolife,

Maxime Santos, Innovation et transformation leader Chugai Pharma France,

Presse relation : 

Annie-Florence Loyer, NewCap,  Mob : +33 (6) 88 20 35 59

Nathalie Leroy, Director of General Affairs and Compliance,