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GML and EZ-WHEEL Partner to Bring a Unique AI powered Wheel Drive to Autonomous Mobile Robots

Grai Matter labs
OCTOBER 1, 2021

PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GrAI Matter Labs (GML), a pioneer of brain-inspired computing solutions, announced today that it has entered into a partnership with ez-Wheel, a French company specializing in autonomous electric wheels, to develop an AI powered Wheel Drive for Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) that will be available in 2023.

The award winning ez-Wheel solution when combined with Life-Ready AI from GML will have a big impact to the logistics and supply chain industry by offering a safety certified mobile robotics platform capable of smart features like person tracking, obstacle avoidance and more. Thanks to optimal integration of motor, batteries, electronics and AI inside the hub, the “smart” wheel can be added quickly and easily to develop a safety compliant mobile robot, cutting development costs and providing flexible solutions for various deployments.

GML and ez-Wheel will introduce the AI powered Wheel Drive platform at the VISION / Motek-2021 tradeshows, which will take place in Stuttgart starting the 5th of October. GML will showcase a “Life-Ready AI” platform integrated in a mobile robot, and ez-Wheel will exhibit the “SWD® Starter Kit” featuring its safety certified AMR development platform.

“The partnership with ez-Wheel allows us to focus on robots for Industry 4.0 and meets an immediate need. It opens the door for a new era of collaborative mobile robotics by using GML’s ‘Life-Ready AI’ GrAI VIP chip, a cutting-edge computing architecture that has never been seen before in such applications,” said Christian Verbrugge, Senior Director Business Development at GML Europe.

Antoine Juan, CEO of ez-Wheel, is excited about the partnership, saying:

“This amazing collaboration with GML empowers our new SWD® Safety Wheel Drive range with unprecedented features in the world of drives solutions. As an extension of our safety certified platform for mobile robots, the AI powered Wheel Drive will provide the robotics community with a powerful and versatile hardware toolkit, boosting the development of smart features like person-following, static infrastructure recognition, obstacle trajectory prediction and path optimization among many others. With a cost killing architecture and an extra low power consumption, the AI powered Wheel Drive will be a game changer.”

About GrAI Matter Labs

At GrAI Matter Labs we are in the business of Life-Ready AI. Artificial Intelligence as close to natural as it gets. AI that feels alive. We deliver brain-inspired chips that behave like humans. AI that makes machines act and react in real-time. AI that optimizes energy and maximizes efficiency, saving time, money, and vital natural resources. GML is led by a team of visionary and seasoned engineers and is backed by leading investors, including iBionext, 360 Capital Partners, 3T Finance, and Celeste Management.

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About ez-Wheel SAS

ez-Wheel SAS is an innovative technology company founded in 2009. The technology proposed by ez-Wheel is the fastest, simplest yet most advanced solution providing electric traction to mobile material dedicated to handling and transportation. In 2020, ez-Wheel introduced the world’s first Safety Wheel Drive with integrated safe motion control for mobile robotics. ez-Wheel’s products are used by hundreds of major industrial players in Europe.

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