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Our Team

iBionext has a team of professionals experienced in the healthcare sector, from science to company creation, development and financing of innovative products, as well as in private equity management, from structuring to negotiating transactions.

The Team

Bernard Gilly
Chairman (Président)

Jean-Christophe Dantonel
Managing Partner (Associé Gérant)

Stéphane Losik
Middle Office Manager & Investor Support (Gestionnaire du middle office et soutien aux investisseurs)

Notre savoir-faire

Our Expertise

We have a wide range of complementary expertise covering entrepreneurship, healthcare (biotech/medtech/e-health), industry, product development, financing, start-up creation and acceleration, as well as private equity and fund management.

We benefit from a unique ecosystem with shared Innovation Gateway resources and operational experts with extensive experience in the various fields of health tech start-up creation and development.