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Our Strategy

iBionext operates with a highly entrepreneurial approach designed to meet the challenges that innovative healthcare companies face, from start-up to growth, with the aim of creating leaders in their fields.
Notre Stratégie

Our three-step operating model

The three-step strategy, based on the « SPOT, BOOST & GROW » operating model, is an essential entrepreneurial approach to creating successful start-ups while controlling risks.


We search and develop a pipeline of disruptive healthcare technologies in a structured ecosystem until they are ready to become high-potential start-ups.

This stage is a highly selective process, in which a number of unique projects are identified and worked on, each based on a technological/scientific breakthrough. The challenge is then to ensure that the project progresses from the scientific/technological stage to a scalable and industrial product.

For each project, due diligence is carried out by a team of multi-disciplinary operational and scientific experts from the iBionext environment and, if necessary, we can call on external experts.


We create and finance selected start-ups and ensure that each one has sufficient resources and operational support to achieve its goals.

Once the project has passed the various stages of maturation during the SPOT phase, we transform it into a company with a majority stake in the Series A to ensure the resources needed to achieve the value-creating milestones. As a committed investor in our portfolio companies, we make sure that the business plan is respected, call on our network to recruit the most appropriate management teams, and help them on a day-to-day basis to cope with and find solutions to the hazards inherent in the development and management of a company. The aim of the BOOST phase is to put in place the right team, governance and operational processes, and to implement the necessary corrective actions identified during the SPOT phase.


We finance growth and facilitate access to our network, enabling companies to become leaders in their fields.

Depending on requirements, we draw on our network of operational experts from various disciplines, such as science, intellectual property, manufacturing, regulatory affairs, marketing, etc.

During the GROW phase, we remain involved in the company’s management through its governance bodies. We meet with the start-up’s management on a regular basis to discuss the progress of the various projects in relation to the objectives set.

We explore opportunities for collaborations and partnerships to bring added value to our companies. We actively prepare for the divestment phase by calling on our network for future industrial disposals or IPOs.

Prophesee’s transformative journey from incubation to remarkable growth has been fueled by the unwavering commitment and unparalleled support of iBionext. Their entrepreneurial spirit, long-term growth commitment for deep tech, and hands-on approach distinguish them as true partners in innovation and company building, elevating iBionext above and beyond conventional VC funds. Their impact goes beyond investment – it’s a collaborative journey that propels companies to unparalleled heights.
Luca Verre