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GrAI Matter Labs

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GrAI Matter Labs

Grai Matter labs




Calcul bio-inspiré


Automatisation industrielle, Villes intelligentes, Automobile, Consommateur


Cédé en 2023

GML has created the world’s first Edge AI processor that exploits bio-inspired architectures to achieve ultra-low latencies while maintaining very low power consumption for machine vision applications and the analysis of data from a variety of sensors. The use of GML processors enables connected objects in the edge to integrate into our world with response times, safety and comfort worthy of real life.

This Edge processor is the result of revolutionary neuromorphic research developed over the last 20 years at the Vision Institute (UPMC) in Paris. This new approach to bio-inspired computing is based on the concept of sparsity, i.e. processing only relevant changes, to overcome the challenges of today’s computing architectures (von Neumann bottleneck).

GrAI Matter Labs was founded in 2016. Today, the international team of engineering professionals and AI experts works in three different offices based in France, the Netherlands and the USA.

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