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An open, turnkey platform for monitoring the health of patients and people at risk.




Santé Digitale


Télésurveillance des patients grâce à des Textiles certifiés médicaux & l’intelligence Artificielle

Chronolife is a start-up specializing in digital health, developing solutions for remote monitoring and prediction of patients’ health status in the form of connected medical wearables that track multiple physiological parameters. Chronolife offers two types of end-to-end service:

Its off-the-shelf products are based on a comfortable, machine-washable connected T-shirt, enabling the collection of multiple physiological parameters (ECG, heart rate, respiration, skin temperature, lung impedance and physical activity):
  • Smart Textile (CE & FCC) dedicated to homecare for the elderly and/or the vulnerable
  • Keesense (CE IIa medical device), dedicated to remote monitoring of patients suffering from chronic cardiovascular and respiratory pathologies.
  • Its Predictive Solution (CE IIb in progress) combines the Keesense T-shirt with the HOTS predictive algorithm developed by Chronolife. This solution is designed for heart failure patients, with the aim of detecting and predicting any decompensation.
  • Its Reference Design solution enables the development of multi-parametric connected textiles tailored to specific use cases. Chronolife’s scope of intervention extends from concept definition to device industrialization, including certification and operation of associated services.

The solutions developed by Chronolife ensure continuous, precise, real-time monitoring of patients. Ultimately, they make it possible to anticipate the onset of complications and thus reduce healthcare costs. They also ensure a better quality of life for patients and encourage compliance with the solution.