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Chronolife announces collaboration with Garmin to further enrich continuous remote patient monitoring in real-life conditions


Paris, France / Rome, Italy, September 29, 2022 – Chronolife, a pioneering digital health service operator and MedTech company specializing in the remote, continuous, and multi-parametric monitoring of patients and persons at risk in real life conditions through healthcare certified smart textile, announced today a collaboration with Garmin, a leading global provider of fitness smartwatches and GPS-enabled products, during the annual Global Garmin Health Summit in Rome, Italy.

The collaboration will offer comprehensive remote patient monitoring services, operated by Chronolife in Europe and in the United States, through the collection of complementary key medical and physiological data generated by Garmin¹ and Chronolife’s respective wearables in real life conditions and integrated into Chronolife’s service platform, bringing more precision for follow-ups of pathologies and disorders as well as diagnosis and risk assessments.


Chronolife’s ecosystem of digital health services’ interoperability attribute allows the secured integration of Chronolife’s proprietary medical devices as well as third party devices used by at-risk patients and persons in its service platforms operated in Europe and in the United States. On top of delivering the raw physiological data, the platforms provide healthcare
indicators supporting early detection of deteriorating health conditions outside the hospital and in real life conditions to its customers (hospitals, pharma, home care service providers, insurers, etc.).

Physiological and fitness data collected by Garmin wearables, such as smartwatches, will automatically be integrated into Chronolife’s medical data hub, without the need for the patients or persons at risk to handle multiple applications.

Chronolife’s Keesense™ service suite, prescribed today by healthcare professionals for the remote monitoring of patients with chronic heart failures, respiratory diseases, long COVID and in oncology, will therefore be enriched thanks to the integration of Garmin wearables and data. Chronolife’s Keesense healthcare certified t-shirt and associated smartphone application collecting continuously several physiological parameters (cardio frequency through a single lead ECG, the thoracic respiration, the abdominal respiration, the pulmonary impedance, the temperature of the body and the activity) and delivering to Chronolife’s customers with healthcare indicators such as Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Apnea detection, extrasystole detection (…), will be complemented by the automatic collection of sleep, stress, and Pulse Ox2 data through the Garmin wearables.

Thanks to the devices’ simplicity of use and comfort blending seamlessly into users’ everyday life whatever its activity and style of life, patients’ adherence to the healthcare protocol is improved. Healthcare professionals are provided with the suite of reliable, continuous, and precise physiological data and healthcare indicators they need to track the evolution of the health and pathologies of the patients thus supporting the Continuum of Care in and outside the hospital. Consequently, the quality of life of the patients remotely monitored can be improved.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with a leading manufacturer such as Garmin. Garmin wearables provide precious high quality sensor data and fit perfectly in patients’ daily lives, in line with our aim to contribute to the provision of higher value care to patients, reduce avoidable hospitalization, and eventually improve population health in a context of overburdened healthcare systems worldwide,” said Laurent Vandebrouck, CEO of Chronolife.


Jörn Watzke, Senior Director at Garmin Health, said: “We see a lot of potential in the integration of Garmin wearables into Chronolife’s cutting-edge medical data hub. Through this strategic alliance, more use cases for remote patient monitoring in daily life operated by Chronolife can be covered.”


The integration will improve offering for remote patient monitoring, clinical trials, therapeutic efficiency, and preventive care programs of Chronolife’s customers, from hospitals to pharmaceutical or insurance companies, which require end-to-end
certified connected health services.

“It will also allow us to deliver a complete follow-up for a large scope of additional use cases, such as people suffering from sleep disorders, for sportsmen in reathletization, for operators in the field of defense, and finally for elderlypeople within the framework of home care,” added Vandebrouck.


About Chronolife – Real time intelligence for healthcare

Chronolife operates an open ecosystem of digital health turnkey services for remote patient monitoring and early detection of deteriorating health conditions. The company relies on its own off-the-shelf or custom multiparametric connected medical devices as well as 3rd-party devices for continuous monitoring of everyday life. Chronolife valorizes and makes the data available through telemonitoring platforms. Founded in 2015 and based in Paris, with a subsidiary in San Diego, Chronolife
was co-founded by iBionext, a unique ecosystem and investment fund dedicated to the creation of innovative healthtech startups.

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About Garmin Health

Garmin Health provides custom enterprise business solutions that leverage Garmin’s extensive wearable portfolio and high-quality sensor data for applications in the corporate wellness, population health, and patient monitoring markets. As part of a global company that designs, manufactures and ships products worldwide, Garmin Health supports its customers’ commerce and logistics needs, allowing enterprises to scale with a single, trusted provider. For more information, email our press team,
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1Garmin smartwatches are not designed or intended to monitor or diagnose diseases or any medical conditions. Find
information on 
metric accuracy here


The Keesense solution, manufactured by Chronolife, is intended for the continuous monitoring of physiological parameters. This medical device is a regulated health product which is CE marked under this regulation. Please read the instructions for use carefully. September 2022