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About us

iBionext is a Venture Studio specializing in financing and supporting companies developing disruptive innovations, targeting unmet medical or offering smart, energy-saving bio-inspired industrial solutions. Founded in 2016, iBionext is based in Paris and operates commercial and institutional relationships internationally.

iBionext ecosystem

Since 2016, the iBionext ecosystem has brought together  « Le Passage de l’Innovation »,  all portfolio companies, the management team and a team of experienced professionals in the fields of biotechnology and other deep tech technologies, finance, law, human resources, entrepreneurship… These experts work closely with portfolio companies to help them develop, raise additional funds and accelerate their growth.

By the end of 2023, the first iBionext Growth Fund had built up a portfolio of 6 innovative technology companies that had raised over €200 million and created more than 200 skilled jobs.


The iBionext difference

iBionext is France’s first Venture Studio dedicated to health care, providing financing for the creation, development, and growth of its companies. The same fund invests and strengthens throughout the different financing cycles of the selected start-ups, ensuring strategic and governance consistency with co-founders and managers.


A complementary and experienced team of entrepreneurs and investors, covering the entire value chain of developing and financing disruptive innovation in healthcare.


Privileged access to disruptive technologies, thanks to a network of leading scientists and experts from universities and R&D centers around the world.

Spot – creation

A very rigorous selection process, limited to a restricted number of projects, to ensure the financing of our companies’ growth.

Boost – Grow

Optimized investment process thanks to close, ongoing support and follow-up with companies. Lead investor capacity right through to monetization.


iBionext is a responsible investor. Involved from the inception of portfolio companies, the team actively participates in the governance of portfolio companies and works closely with management teams to maximize value for investors and stakeholders.


Located on a unique 5,000m² site in the heart of Paris, the iBionext ecosystem optimizes expertise, interaction and cross-functionality. As a result, portfolio companies benefit from ongoing operational support, enabling managers to focus on what’s essential for their company’s success.

A deep tech Venture Studio

To transform deep tech innovations into products and applications for the benefit of society, we are convinced that we need to be able to support these startups and their managers. By providing specialized financial, operational and strategic support, we work daily to optimize the chances of success of deep tech startups.




Disruptive healthcare innovations (biotechnologies, medical technologies, digital health and artificial intelligence) offering substantial benefits for patients and the medical community. Science-based technologies (biomimicry) that are revolutionizing certain industries and their impact on society.


Cutting-edge technologies from renowned research laboratories and universities.


Pathologies for which there is an unmet clinical need, either preventive or curative.